Blacktown City Festival

Blacktown City Festival

The Blacktown City Festival attracts over 80,000 patrons which kicks off with the Blacktown City Medieval Fayre and culminates with  the Streets Alive and Parade Day in the heart of Blacktown the following weekend.

Blacktown City Medieval Fayre

On the opening weekend of the Blacktown City Festival you can head back to the middle ages at the spectacular Blacktown City Medieval Fayre.

Watch knights clad in shining armour compete in epic battles of strength, skill and bravery in both stand-up battles and incredible jousting competitions, which features riders from all over the country fighting for the prestigious title.

Be immersed in the medieval culture through the feathered friends show, medieval displays, combat artillery, handmade arts and crafts, a working Blacksmith and Woodturners village, and medieval-themed food. Even better when you come dressed in medieval garb and compete in the Best Dressed competition.

Experience the excitement and pageantry of a bygone era in a truly authentic way. This event should not be missed.

Streets Alive and Parade Day

On the closing weekend of the Blacktown City Festival the celebrations conclude with the city’s biggest community event of the year with the Streets Alive and Parade Day in the heart of Blacktown.

The street parade showcases Blacktown’s multiculturalism, history, emergency services and local groups will travel through Blacktown’s CBD.

Attractions include performances by local dance groups to a huge market with hundreds of arts and craft stalls so there won’t be a dull moment to be had.

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  • Estimated Attendance: 80,000
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Sat - Sat 18 - 25 May 2024


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